Hello and welcome to WoodenVites!

Parties are all about fun, and what we love the most about our wooden invites, is that the fun starts right from when they are received.

These invitations came about when we started working with wood back in 2004 and were working with the idea of creating wooden wedding invitations, and thought, ‘hey what about the kids!’

We thought… Why should we put up with the standard, boring paper invites that you see in any stationers across the land, where is the fun in those? What if invitations could be as fun as the party itself?

So, we got our crayons out, opened up the dusty iMac and got creating. In fact, once we started, we couldn’t stop and thus was born a whole range of unique children’s birthday invitations that you can’t find anywhere else. Not only that, they are so much fun to pop out and make, they create a buzz before the party has even started.

Our originally designed, illustrated and made wooden birthday invitations are all created here in our Inspirwood studio, in sunny Teignmouth, Devon. This is where our small team of designers come up with all the ideas you see, using grown up toys like laser cutters, craft knives, printers and computers which makes the studio feel like a party every day!

Our aim is to create smiles and excitement. I hope you enjoy looking through our range, and just remember if you want anything you can’t see here, ask, we may be able to design you a whole special range just for your party!